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The organizers and team of Beijing Lianben Pharm-chemicals Tech. Co., Ltd. are all synthesis technologists with more than ten year's experience in pharmaceutical industry. For these years, they have totally developed more than 200 development items and more than 1000 unit reactions, 30% of which are higher than pilot level. Their mainly research on the production conversion and commercial production of their development items.

Mature technological reserve. In addition to normal or batch production, we can also arrange the production of some reserved products in accord with client's requirements, including mitozantrone hydrochloride, granisetron hydrochloride, docetaxol, prulifloxacin, duloxetine, levamlodipine besylate, levocetirizine dihydrochloride, Diammonium glycyrrhiz-inate, etc.

Other abandoned mature technological reserve. For market exploit and production arrangement, we have abandoned some products of mature technology. Welcome to contact us for corresponding technical support.

Technical development service. We can provide pilot development and technical improvement service to clients, and will conclude agreements on secret information with them.

Technical data service. We can provide professional quality research service to clients, and investigate all product data such as stability and safety for them.